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At MediaNeighbours.com, we help our clients meet their goals by translating real-world challenges into e-world results. We work with artists, authors, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
Our services include: website design and development writing, editing, and communications photography and digital imaging marketing strategies, products, and tip sheets that enable you to participate fully in promoting your work design and layout of page or book for print and digital publishing You will find everything you need all under one roof, including our enthusiasm and expertise to identify the perfect solutions for you. By hiring one team to work with you on each aspect of your project, you'll also find big savings. Come on in and feel at home; check out our qualifications and samples. Then email us or call 505.474.6309. We’ll develop a specific proposal—and a cost-effective budget—to meet your needs and goals. MediaNeighbours combines the expertise and knowledge base of three creative professionals. Together, we develop solutions for authors, artists, small businesses, and nonprofits, helping them to bring their products and services to a broader market in an efficient and affordable way.

This is who we are

Mary Neighbour CEO

I'm here to help you communicate what you wish to express. With calm, focused, supportive guidance, I'll lend wings to your words and concepts. One of my 2013 editing projects was nominated for the Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal, an award for thought-provoking books. As a veteran book editor with more than twenty-five years of experience, I know industry standards and will ensure your manuscript is professional in every aspect. I work on projects spanning many genres, and memoir and personal stories have become a specialty. I've worked on over two dozen family history projects and blogged in 2009-10 as the Santa Fe Family History Examiner at www.examiner.com. As an award-winning writer, I am passionate about how words are used. Among the honors I've earned for my short fiction, “Gray” received the 2009 William Van Wert prize. My novel, Speak Right On – Dred Scott was distinguished in 2004 by the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association for promising unpublished first novels; in 2006, it was published by the Toby Press.

Andrew Neighbour HR

I bring an innate inquisitiveness to all my endeavors, which is why working collaboratively and creatively now in my semi-retirement is so fulfilling. I also make sure MediaNeighbours can offer the most up-to-date products and services available through digital technology. I've been insired by computers—and all that they make possible—ever since my PhD research more than forty years ago, when I wrote code and punched IBM cards to calculate statistics for my laboratory data. In 2005, I retired from a career in technology development and academic administration to pursue a vocation in art, and I am gratified to have won awards for my painting and photography. Using computers and technology, my artistic endeavors broadened into the exciting, new hybrid genre of digital painting. Today, my formal training in the visual arts also informs all my design, layout, and promotional projects, including website development. In my freelance commercial photography work, I concentrate on architectural, product/artwork, and portraiture commissions, with special emphasis on calibrated color reproductions, PhotoShop effects, and photo restoration.

Hannah Neighbour Designer

Hannah is a smart cookie

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