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  • I’m an artist concerned about the reproduction of my work, especially accurate color reproduction. What do you offer? +

    Artists generally have a strong need for photography—on and off the Web—and many experience the dismay of seeing their beautiful artwork reduced to muddy colors and poorly lighted photographs. We offer:

    a professional studio equipped for 2-D and 3-D artwork

    controlled lighting

    professional cameras and photography equipment

    state-of-the-art color management and calibrated monitors

    professional printing in large formats

    delivery of images in low or high resolution to meet your requirements

  • I own a retail store. I not only need product photos for my website, but I need images for advertisements in high-end magazines. Can you do both? +

    Yes. Businesses and organizations often suffer the same problems as artists when they want high-resolution images for advertisements and promotion. With MediaNeighbours, you receive the highest quality digital photographs suitable for all publication media, whether electronic or print. In addition to the above, we also offer businesses:

    Table-top, macro, and full-size product photography

    Studio and environmental portraiture

    Image correction and manipulation with advanced PhotoShop techniques

    High-resolution film and photograph scanning

    Photo restoration

    Stock photography

  • I'm an author; why would I need a photographer? +

    Authors generally don’t need a lot of photography, but most do need:

    High-quality images of their books for print and digital promotion

    A portrait of the author for the book jacket and for promotion

     Illustrations pertinent to your subject

     Photography or images for cover design

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