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MediaNeighbours offers a broad range of writing expertise. For academic, creative, promotional, and content writing, contact Mary; for scientific, technical, and business writing, contact Andrew. Hannah, who has worked in a New York publishing house, provides all our projects with her final review, to be sure everything that goes out under your name is complete, professional, and error-free. 

We can help you with:

  • Critiques and developmental editing. Often writers are too close to their own writing to see where they’ve skewed the logical development of the manuscript, sketched in a character anomaly, or skipped a beat in the pace and tempo. Another trained “eye” is what you need.
  • Organization. You have great ideas and solid research, but you just can’t make those dozens of paragraphs do justice to your concept. We’ll help you structure and sequence your material to its best advantage.
  • Editing and proofreading. Navigating the currents of effective grammar and style can be tricky. So that you won’t have that dreaded “oops” moment, we check style, spelling, grammar, syntax, and consistency according to professional industry standards.
  • Fact-checking. Even with fiction, you want to be sure that you don’t lose readers because of factual errors and inconsistencies.
  • Book proposals. We understand what agents and publishers want, and we’ll write a book proposal that is sure to catch and keep their interest.
  • Ghostwriting. Once we understand your concept and intention, we can write whatever you need—from web content to a complete family history.


Writing Samples

  • Fiction Writing Sample +

    [Excerpt from  Speak Right On—Dred Scott , a novel]

    The slave fort was a stoneblock, medieval structure with turrets and thick wooden gates secured by an iron beam that locked in place. An infernal clamor echoed along its chambers and walls, but the noise wasn't from the hundreds of prisoners—they huddled scared and silent in dungeon chambers. The racket came from the regiments of guards who drilled, caroused drunkenly, shouted orders,

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  • Press Release Sample +

    For Immediate Release



        Artistas de Santa Fe Gallery
    505 982 1320


    Naughty Judy!
    Instead of napping, she was coloring on the walls.

    From her earliest memories, Judy Hall Stapes knew she was born to be an artist, to explore things real and unknown, to connect, to grow. Today Stapes lives in this reality. An accomplished, award-winning artist, she has worked in watercolors, inks, acrylics,

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  • Web Content Sample +

    [Written for a Santa Fe real estate/relocation business]

    Whether you are relocating or just visiting, the first thing you'll want to know is that Santa Fe is "the City Different." Why is it different? 

    Because, unlike other cities, Santa Fe doesn't overwhelm—we are friendlier and more intimate, yet we boast all the attractions of a metropolis:

    Art, galleries, museums

    History, culture, architecture

    World-class shopping

    Parks and natural beauty

    Diversity of

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  • Family History/Ghostwriting Sample +

    The fertile earth of the Ukraine, once known as the breadbasket of Europe, was the soil of Sonia Pollin’s motherland. At her birth in 1905, that soil was governed by the imperial rule of Russia, and much more than wheat was growing in the land. Russian military forces had recently surrendered to Japanese infantry, ending Czar Nicholas II’s expansionism into Manchuria and Korea. This humiliating defeat reverberated violently at home,

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  • Company History Sample +

    Believing the streets were paved with gold, millions of European immigrants arrived in the United States during the late 1800s. From Italy alone, one hundred thousand came every year at the height of that country’s emigration, 1860-1869. Some were driven from behind—squeezed out by poverty, disease, or persecution—others were drawn forward by what they dreamed lay ahead. America, the land of opportunity, an Elysian field for the huddled masses, was

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