Marketing and Promotion

Email marketing

Analytics www.santafewritersconferenceEffective email campaigns can be a powerful way to spread the word, increase your visibility, and ensure that you won’t be forgotten. Simply having a website doesn’t mean that people will find you on the Internet. This chart shows the impact on the number of visits to a site immediately after two email blasts!

At MediaNeighbours, we have extensive experience in helping clients with email campaigns that send newsletters, special offers, surveys, and other updates on a regular basis to their contact lists. We can create and host accounts with Constant Contact, MailChimp, or iContact to manage your mailing lists and design eye-catching announcements and promotions for your customers and clients.

Media kits

When you're ready for publicity, you'll want a media kit that's ready to rock-n-roll. We'll help you prepare:

  • Press releases
  • Query letters
  • Media advisories
  • Business cards, postcards, posters, and flyers (see Layout and Book Production for details)
  • Head shots
  • Book, artwork, and product images
  • Bios
  • Tip sheets
  • Q & A prompts
  • Pitches
  • Endorsements

Book production

Once you are ready to publish, there are many production issues to consider: book dimensions; cover and interior design; typeface; and printing process, to name a few. These are essentially marketing and design choices, and MediaNeighbours will help you choose carefully and comprehensively. See Layout and Book Production for more details. 

Advertising and other publicity

There are many ways to achieve publicity, from conventional to innovative "guerilla" tactics. We'll explore the options that best suit you and your budget, for example:

  • Print/digital ads (see Layout and Book Production for details)
  • Feature articles
  • Guest blogs
  • Newsprint, radio, or TV spots
  • Competitions and awards
  • Personal appearances, book launches, or interviews

Social media engagement

It's overwhelming, we know! But MediaNeighbours can provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions for you and your business. We also provide interactive social media links on your website and can incorporate those buttons into your email, blog post, advertisement, or website.


An effective website arguably is the most important promotional tool you'll develop. Please see Website Development for more information on this important topic.


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