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Writing & Editing

MediaNeighbours offers a broad range of writing expertise, from ghostwriting to first draft to publication. Combined, we have nearly 100 years of experience in professional writing.

Fiction and nonfiction writing samples are available upon request.

"Mary Neighbour keeps hitting it out of the park"

Scott Christopher
author Baseball, Blood and Art

We Offer:

📚 ghostwriting and book proposals

📚 writing critiques and coaching

📚 developmental, substantive, or line editing

📚 fact checking and proofing

"Andrew designed covers for three of my books, and I still love them.
I consistently see how the covers draw people to my books"

Maxine Davenport

We Offer:

📚 Choosing the right concept for your book cover

📚 Finding the right images

📚 Creating an interior layout suitable for your genre

📚 Carrying over cover and interior elements

Your books are first judged by their covers. We provide professional book design for a cover and interior layout that will stand out in your genre.

Book design & layout


Once your manuscript is ready for the marketplace, there are many issues to consider. Without understanding the life cycle of manuscript-to-marketplace, important steps are missed that could hurt book sales.

📚 Guidance with book dimensions

We Offer:

📚 Cover and Interior design to printer specifications

📚 Typeface selection

📚 Printer selection (POD or off-set)

As MediaNeighbours guided me through the process, I couldn't believe the myriad details and steps that needed to be taken.

Jeannette Gagan, PhD,


At MediaNeighbours, we believe marketing considerations begin during the editing process. It is essential to understand the audience(s) for your book, and we help you do that. Once readers and buyers are identified, everything else falls into place.

"MediaNeighbours encouraged me to create a simple marketing plan, so that I could keep my focus as I tested my marketing efforts."

Joalie Davie, MD,

We Help You:

📚 Identify your market

📚 Develop a marketing plan

📚 Design materials to promote your book


Trailers and promotional videos to supplement author's marketing efforts

"Beautiful, amazing production quality and graphics...I could not imagine it being any better."

Carolyn Wright
Solace Crisis Treatment Center

Graphical Design

We use the latest design tools to support your marketing and promotional activities. We offer in-house and third-party printing.

"Andrew has a creative eye and an acute attention to detail"

Wendy Lane Henry
Owner, Back at the Ranch

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